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Similipal Nature Camps

The call of wilderness

Located in Mayurbhanj, Northern Odisha, Similipal Tiger Reserve is a place where Nature binds you with its awe inspiring beauty, grace, power and its calmness. The Similipal Tiger Reserve which covers an area of 2750 Sq KM is Odisha’s foremost wildlife sanctuary

Similipal is named after red silk cotton semul trees, which are found abundantly in the region. The Tiger Reserve also boasts of a huge variety of wild orchids which lends a romantic charm to the forest. The magnificent Joranda, Baharepani and other smaller water falls waterfalls leaves one spellbound & the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger gives the Tiger Reserve the character which fits perfectly with the settings.

Similipal is amongst the first nine designated tiger reserves that were established in 1973. Recently probably for the first time ever a rare Melanistic Tiger or Black Tiger was discovered in Similipal.

The forests is moist deciduous forest (Monsoon forest) in nature and the twelve rivers feed the jungles of Similipal.All in all Similipal offers a wholesome package for the nature enthusiasts.

The meandering rivers through the hills of the forest cascades down to create the magnificent Baheripani waterfall, where the water drops from a height of 400-metre and Joranda waterfall, where the water drops from a height of 150 meters.

Things to Do

  • Jungle Safari
  • Trekking (apart from the jungle trek one can trek up to the Baharepani waterfall)
  • Birding
  • Photography
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