Similipal Nature Camps

Forest & Wildlife

Similipal Nature Camps

The call of wilderness

Similipal Nature Camps constitutes of 5 Nature Camps dotted in Similipal Tiger Reserve.The Tiger Reserve in the northern part of the state is blessed with majestic waterfalls like Barehipani, Joranda and Uski, rocky cliffs and green valley’s bedded in deep Sal Forests.

With different wild calls piercing through the silence of the forest, Gurguria, Jamuani, Ramtirtha, Barehipani and Kumari Nature Camps in the heart of the Park offers a lifetime experience to its visitors along with sighting of wild animals crossing the dusky forest roads during the dawn and dusk.

It is the only Tiger Reserve in the country to have Melanistic Tigers. The tradition & culture of the a n ci ent tribes of Similipal is another attraction for the people visiting the landscape.

Things to Do

  • Jungle Safari
  • Trekking (apart from the jungle trek one can trek up to the Baharepani waterfall)
  • Birding
  • Photography
  • Cycling
  • Recreational Sports
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