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the might and magnificence of Mahanadi

Also known as the Southern Satkosia or the Gorge Sanctuary, the Satkosia Sands Resort at Badamul is a perfect holiday destination for nature lovers and those who seek solitude.

Surrounded by the jungles of Satkosia Tiger Reserve, “Satkosia Sands Resort” at Badmul is located on the foothills of majestic mountains facing the Satkosia Gorge where the magnificent Mahanadi meanders through the golden sand bars.

The tranquility is intermittently abrupted by the alarm calls, which makes you realize you are in a reserve forest. The sight of the Crocodiles basking on the river bank on a wintery morning with the rising sun on the horizon makes for an awesome sight.

The eco-resort has 7 luxurious AC Cottages/AC Tented Cottages on mountain slope facing the Satkosia Gorge and the eco-campus has 9 luxurious Swiss Cotton Tents pitched on the Sandbar of River Mahanadi.

The tourists can spend evenings watching local Folk dance rounding it off with Bonfire and Open Sky Dinner on Sandbar.

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