Satkosia Nature Camps

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Satkosia Nature Camps

The might & magnificence of Mahanadi

The Mahanadi flowing through a gorge stretching 22 KM makes for an awe inspiring sight. The Satkosia Tiger Reserve encompasses an area of 963.87 Sq KM, once it was a part of Abhaya Aranya (Unending Forest range) which connected Odisha to Central India. 

The name Satkosia literally means 7 Kos (a unit of distance measurement. Usually 1 Kos – 1-3 KM depending on the region). It is also known as the Gorge Sanctuary. The place is bursting with flora and fauna and is a coveted destination for the nature lovers.

Satkosia Tiger Reserve hosts some of the attractive tourism destinations with night stay at multiple points within the sanctuary, each showcasing a unique characteristics of this beautiful haven.



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