Chilika Nature Camps

Bird Watching

Chilika Nature Camps

The jewel of Odisha

Convention in 1981. The unique ecosystem of sweet, brackish and marine water get together to support the large and diverse variety of flora and fauna of the lagoon

The beauty of Chilika has fueled many a great literary works in region. The poem “Chilika” by noted poet Shri Radhanath Ray is perhaps the best known amongst them along with “Rail Upare Chilika” (Chilika from a train) by noted freedom fighter and writer Shri. Gopabandhu Das. During the tumultuous years from 16th Century AD – 18th Century AD, Chilika served as a hiding place for Lord Jagannath and his siblings from the invaders. Thus Chilika is an integral part of the cultural heritage of the State

Literature apart, Chilika offers a panoramic view of the vistas, which adds to its beauty. There are many islands dotted around the lake, the one which catches the attention is the Breakfast Island. The small chamber with a conical pillar was built by Mr. Snodgrass, the then collector of Ganjam. The monument is one of the most photographed structures of the state and has become the lagoons identity in a way

Chilika offers ample accommodation opportunities for the tourists, depending upon preference


The Panthanivas located along the lagoon offers a decent staying option at a budget. The water sports activities makes it a popular destination for youngsters.


The Panthanivas located along the lagoon offers comfortable stay with a breathtaking view of the lagoon and the Eastern Ghats.


The place Irrawaddy dolphins call home. The Eco tour nature camps located on the islands Berhampura and Rajhans -near the confluence of Chilika with Bay of Bengal offers a magical experience for the tourists.

Things to Do

  • Watch the endangered Irrawaddy Dolphins
  • Bird watching
  • Boating
  • Nature trails
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