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Bhitarkanika Nature Camps

The Mini Amazon

Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park is known as the “Mini- Amazon” of India. Lying on the coast of Bay of Bengal, it is the second largest Mangrove ecosystem of our country after Sundarbans.

Dangamal, Habalikhati and Gupti Nature Camps are located inside Bhitarkanika with luxurious accommodations. World’s largest congregations of Salt Water Crocodiles are seen in the creeks of Bhitarkanika.

Sighting of Crocodiles, Spotted Deers, Wild pigs and thousands of colorful birds including winter migrants from central-Asia and Europe is very common here. More than 10 species of Heron, 8 species of Kingfisher and the rare Mangrove Pitta can be seen nesting on trees along with thousands of other species. It is a photographers paradise. Major birds are Asian Open bill, Black lbis. Cormorants, Darters etc. view of Bottle-Nose Dolphin, Irrawady Dolphin from different beaches of Bhitarkanika is worth watching.

Popular beaches of Bhitarkanika are Habelikhati, Gahirmatha and Pentha

Bagagahana & Heronery

Thousands of birds migrate to this place inside Bhitarkanika from the month of August to October every year for their annual nesting and breeding .They build nests and lay eggs atop the mangrove trees. Their sojourn lasts for three to four months. Birds are seen flying in the sky in groups with more than hundred birds & choose their mates after few days of aerial display. The paired birds can be seen allopreening on the branches of nesting trees.  

Things to Do

  • Boating - the only way to tour the mangrove ecosystem is through boats.
  • Trekking – undertake short treks to the sanctuary from the designated halting points of the boats
  • Birding
  • Photography
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