Temples & Monuments

Temples & Monuments

The patronage of the Kings and skillful craftsmanship left behind a body of work which captures our imagination even today.

Temples & Monuments

The historical monuments of Odisha stand testament to the glorious architectural heritage of the state. The Kalinga Architecture as it is known came into existence in the 6th century AD and continued unabated till the 16th Century AD. The Kings or Gajapati’s of Kalinga irrespective of dynasty encouraged the architects to express their creativity by infusing life into stone.

What makes the Kalinga Architecture so distinctive and pleasing to the eye is its, structural details, plan, elevation and skillfully crafted figurines which adorns the outer walls of the monuments. 

The other notable thing about the monuments of Odisha is that the architectural style wasn’t rigid and throughout its history it continued to evolve incorporating new styles and aspects which added to their legend.The monuments were not just restricted to places of worship. Infact they were the epicenter of the socio- cultural activities which shaped our social customs and beliefs, which are followed even today.

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