International Sand Art Festival

International Sand Art Festival

It’s the place where stories get made; where the formless sand, molds into shapes hitherto unimaginable. It is the Chandrabhaga International Sand art festival. Here the immense beach is a canvas and an artist’s deft is the palette

About the event

Now we know that the castles on sand, do not get washed. They are imprinted. The Sand festival celebrates sand sculptures produced by skillful sand artists. Not just the traditional sand sculptures, you may expect sand, stone, bronze or wood, created by skillful sand artists. The International Sand Artist Festival celebrates the spectacular displays of sand artists from India and from other many countries. As many as 30 Indian and 10 foreign artists participate in this Competition-turned-Festival. Best sand artists from Mexico, Spain, Singapore, France, Norway, Germany, Netherland & USA and remaining 20 artists are from different states of India usually grace the golden beach of Chandrabhaga.

The International Sand Art Festival was started in 2015 on the Chandrabhaga beach, a short distance from Konark. It was a part of the Konark Dance Festival that is organized during the same time. Every year, the theme for the Artists hover around the burgeoning issues of the Earth. This year’s themes are Sports (Hockey world cup), Heritage, Environment, Women Empowerment and Cultural Fairs & Festivals.

Come and get enthralled by the diverse thoughts and their elucidation, while you bathe in the golden sunset of the beautiful Chandrabhaga beach, Konark


Each day gives a new theme and new masterpieces being created in Sand. Not just the end result, witness a Sand Art in making.

While You Are Here

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