The most famous tourist address of the State, the city is synonymous with Lord Jagannath & his siblings Lord Balabhadra & Goddess Subhadra. The city is one of the Char Dham’s (Four sacred places) of India. The Char Dham’s were established by Adi Shankaracharya during his tour of the entire country in the 9th century AD.

Besides the cult of Lord Jagannath & the mysticism attached with Puri, It’s one of the few destinations where one can combine spiritual salvation with fun & adventure.

The city is dotted with many old shrines and Matha’s (Ashram’s) each having its own little story which weaves itself in the larger canvas attached with Lord Jagannath.

The beach is for those seeking some fun and quiet moments to themselves. An early morning or evening strolls in the beach is rejuvenating, the beach market that sets up every evening offers a range of choices for the Shopaholics, but make sure you put on your bargaining cap.

For the adventure seekers The Puri –Konark Marine drive is dotted with camps that offer you various options for water sports. Before venturing into the sea make sure you have proper safety gears.

For the lovers of Art- Puri offers an interesting prospect too. The famous Pattachitra art form which is used to adorn the Holy Trinity and a popular souvenir item, originated in Puri. Though Raghurajpur is has become synonymous, but the main artist attached in the service of Lord Jagannath and his siblings reside in Chitrakarsahi, Puri. There are hardly 10 families residing there but they are living history of Pattachitra and its heritage.

For nature lovers there is Satapada where the Chilika lagoon meets Bay of Bengal & the Balukhand Sanctuary.

The variety of options that Puri offers, makes it a wholesome tourist destination.

Places to see

  • Jagannath Temple
  • Puri Beach
  • Konark
  • Chandrabagha Beach
  • Balukhand Sanctuary
  • Chilika -Satapada