Important photography locations are- Chilika, Bhitarkanika, Satkosia, Similipal, Chandaka, Debrigarh, Daringbadi, Belghar etc.


Landscape Photography

All Nature Camps in Odisha are dotted in different landscapes- Riverine camps, forest camps, hill stations, beach camps, lakes, lagoons, mangroves, sal forests, pine forests etc teeming with wildlife.

Wildlife Photography

Some of the unique wildlife of Odisha are Olive Ridley turtles, Irrawaddy Dolphins, Red and white Crabs on sandy beaches, Flamingos, Skimmers, Elephants, Bisons etc beside Chitals, Sambars, Leopards, Tigers etc.

Chilika Bird Festival

National Chilika Bird Festival

More than 10 lakh birds, around 200 species, one destination Chilika

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