.Fest Bhubaneswar

Fest Bhubaneswar

This December when the world witnesses' hockey world cup, Bhubaneswar becomes the storehouse of surprises, unfolding one more surprise to its splendor with .FEST (Food Entertainment Stories Trails).in this crucible of creativity & fun, all are welcome.

F for Food

The Food Chart

Come hungry; Bhubaneswar is going to transform into a foodie's dreamland at .FEST International street food festival has something for every kind of foodie and food enthusiast. Get ready to eat your way through the 16 days of dot FEST. This will have an array of delicacies to indulge in. All the food experts of the city have rolled up their sleeves to represent a country, a state and the unique Odia cuisine. Be it the dahibara-aludum, the thunka puris or the rasagulla, you would love to slurp it all. Engage in the entertainment activities around, or watch a match and pick your grub from one of your favorite stalls. And hey, you can Shop while you eat.

E for Entertainment

Revel in the stellar performances of the concert, Shake a leg with the indigenous stars of the land, Laugh out loud, or rock the dance floor to the beats; E for Entertainment means what it says

S for Stories

Stories that make time stand still. Feel yourself move with tales that speak so passionately about the cultural preservation and moral values, by some improvisation for drama, theatrics for enticing, or embellishment for the richness. Come and be a part of a story being made.

Listening to stories widens the imagination, we cross cultural walls to embrace different experiences, and feel one with the whole mass around us. Why do we love our favorite stories? Do they need a beginning, middle and end, and a character that changes by the conclusion? Hear it from the Masters of different countries and genre and know why, we love a story.

T for Trails

Tour the city through various theme-based walks that takes you through canopies of wilderness, diversity of culture & the resplendence of art.

Did you know there is a healing process called Trail therapy? Well, the city trails gives you a chance to explore the various facades of the place ranging from heritage, to nature and museum trails. Get a peek-a-boo into what Bhubaneswar has enclosed and preserved in its natural environment, so delicately and abundantly. Hike the hillocks, tame the wilderness, surf with the flow and let loose yourself in the serenity of the nature walks.

But that's not all. Indulge into the intricate architecture of the temple city, dive deep into the detailed manifestation of the variety of handicrafts and arts of the state and let you be guided into a mystical journey of grandeur. And if you have an eye for history, don't miss out the museum a trail that takes you from the natural history to the origins of the science.

Give yourself the much needed break to reminisce.