Brahmapur is the largest city and gateaway to Southern Odisha. The dialect and culture of Southern Odisha has a distinct South Indian touch which can be attributed that it shares its borders with Andhra Pradesh and also the fact that after the British annexed Ganjam from the French in 1759 (in the battle of Deccan), the district was Governed by the Madras Presidency under the aegis of the British Empire in India.

Brahmapur is also known as the Silk City due to the famous Silk Patta Sarees. The weaver community of Brahmapur (locally known as the Dera community) migrated to the city from Rajahmundry (a city in Andhra Pradesh where they were called Debanga) sometime during the period 1662-1672 on the request of the then King Harihar Narayan Dev of Mahuri Dynasty.

The city is known for its love for the theatre and cinema. Infact the Ganjam Kala Parishad and Prakasam Hall are one of the oldest theatre halls in the country. The Sri Sitaram Vials Talkies is the oldest movie hall in Odisha which was established in 1927 but closed down in 1999 after the super cyclone which hit Odisha.

If you are lover of Handloom and want to experience the weaving of the gorgeous Sarees and the other materials, a tour to Ganesh Nagar and Dera Sahi is recommended. The weavers and their families are welcoming of the uninvited guests and share their experience, which is fascinating, if you care to listen. The Boyanika shop at Mayuri Complex, Girija Chowk has a rich inventory to choose from.Besides for other items- the Annapurna Market is the most popular, where the shops remain open till late night.

Places to see

  • Chilika
  • Gopalpur
  • Tara Tarini Temple
  • Jirang Monastery