Nature Trail

Nature is a friend who never fails you. A silent listener, consoler and healer, Nature calms you with her very presence. Take our hearts for a walk in the woods and listen to the magic whispers of old trees.

Odisha is blessed with vast stretches of pristine jungle, so put on your trekking shoes and immerse yourself in the magic of the woods.

TRIVIA - The word Nature Trail was first coined somewhere between 1925-1930. It essentially means a path through a forest, wildlife preserve, or the like, especially one designed to provide opportunities for observing and learning about the flora and fauna.

Given the modern day ecological concerns, Nature Walks & Trails are a way to create awareness amongst people about the importance of conservation and the role that nature plays in ensuring a healthy eco system.

Recognising this fact the Bhubaneswar Development Authority has started Nature Walks around Bhubaneswar in the ChandakaDampara Wildlife Sanctuary during the winters. Tourists and neitzens alike are welcome to join the Nature Walks held on the winter weekends to enjoy the early morning chill and spend quality time with friends and family in the lap of Nature!

Other than Bhubaneswar Nature Walks, one can undertake the Nature Trail at the Ecotour destinations.